Sunday 15 December 2013

Making Of

The idea for this video was born this summer during our holidays in Croatia. I told my brother Danijel that I would like a simple, funny but classy video including my new porcelain soap dish. So, my brother came up with some plans how to produce it. I loved them immediately. Few months later, Danijel came to visit my home in Switzerland for a weekend. He brought the camera and a huge collection of colourful soaps. 

This is how we did it: We used the trailer of my son’s wooden tractor to move the camera and to minimize the shaking. Isn’t it how professional film makers do it? 

Fortunately, our soapy leading actors had no airs and graces. They did their job very well. 

And finally we ate some delicious food during our creative breaks. 

Back in Vienna, Danijel put it all together and did all the cutting on his computer. 

You don’t need an expensive equipment to be creative. We had the most of the fun when we had to improvise during the process, especially when we used my son’s toy to move the camera. I think our low budget production is nothing to sneeze at.