Tuesday 31 December 2013

"Think Pretty Pink And Blue Thoughts"

If I were writing a food blog I would give you the recipe for this pink salad dressing. Maybe I would write about my adventurous recipe testing and finally I would announce that I have the world’s best and prettiest salad dressing to share with you. You would probably comment that the pink dressing looks lovely in that blue bowl and that would be it. However, this blog is about ceramics so all the testing I did was about my blue ceramic glaze. And yes, it was adventurous testing.

I've been using this turquoise glaze on my ceramics for more than a decade. It functioned great when applied on stoneware. When I started to work with porcelain, I used the same glaze again because I was so sure that it would be brighter and more intense. I was right. When I decided to glaze the porcelain tableware with this glaze, I just had to test it first. That was a good idea because it turned out that this glaze is not stable on porcelain. I put vinegar in a turquoise glazed porcelain bowl and let it sit for a few days. A good glaze should change neither the colour nor the texture. Unfortunately this glaze failed the test. So from now on I will have to use it only on porcelain ware that isn’t used for serving food, like vases and soap dishes.

This small misfortune reminded me why I love porcelain in the first place: because of its whiteness and purity. I guess I should think pretty pink and blue thoughts and let my porcelain stay white.