Thursday 30 June 2016

Crowdfunding Project By Danijel Kralj

In February my brother came to visit us. He stayed only for a weekend, but we managed to produce a video together.

It is our tradition to make creative videos every time he visits. It was my brother’s idea to create a video of me throwing on the potter’s wheel. So, here I am throwing my marbled tumblers, actually feeling very dizzy because I had a nasty flu at the time. The whole process of cutting and assembling of the video was done by my brother (he doesn't want me to say "my talented brother”). As you may guess, the music accompanying the video was played by my brother as well. But that is not all: he is playing it on a guitar he made himself.

The composition he is playing is actually a part of his first CD that he wishes to release. To be able to finance this CD, he started a crowdfunding campaign at Startnext. You can check it here if you like. His crowdfunding project runs only for a few more days. If he doesn’t manage to achieve his goal he will not be able to finance his CD. In this case, the kind people who pledged already will get their money back: It is all or nothing.

Just in case you think this is a kind of charity, well it isn’t. You are not donating money, but you have the opportunity to get one of the rewards selected, designed and created by my brother. You can buy his CD, his new guitar handbook for beginners, a composition created for you, home concert and a few other special products.

So, check it if you like, share on the social media and help spread the word.