Monday, 20 July 2015

Wanderlust #2

I have lived in several countries and cities by now and I have moved a lot. I learned soon that in order to feel welcome in a new country, you have to learn the language of the country you want to become your new home. Another way to get to know your new homeland is to be open to the new food and new cooking methods. Well, you have to be open.

When we moved to the Swiss mountains some five years ago, I encountered a whole new way of living. I was surrounded by forests, lakes, wild streams, hills, mountains and juicy meadows. I was hiking before, but it was never something I would do more than twice a year. Suddenly, going high to the mountain tops was becoming a necessity. I would wake up early, hike all day and be at home in the evening. Well, soon I noticed that the most beautiful moments in the mountains are late afternoons and evenings. The time when the hikers are gone and the animals come out of their hide-out. There is a different kind of silence up there. 

When my dear friend from Berne came to visit I was so thrilled that she agreed for a small adventure. We decided to spend the night 2300 m high under the open sky in a sleeping bag. It was magic. Apart from eagles and steenboks we had the mountains all for ourselves. We had a cheese fondue by the lake for the dinner – the best one of my whole life. I woke up in the middle of the night to see the most beautiful sky full of stars. 

We have only spent one night outdoor, but it felt as if we were on a holiday for a week. Here are a few impressions if you’d like to see. Also, here you can check the same day tour a year ago.

Can you see a face in the middle of the lake?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Moon Business...

I have an obsession. No, it has nothing to do with ceramic fish nor faceted porcelain. Lately, I have been making ceramic moons – a lot of moons and other celestial objects.

Today, I was trying to find the best background for the photo shoot. At the end, it was clear I have to take my moon to the skies. Here are some of the test photos. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Porcelain Workshop By Fritz Rossmann

Porcelain by Fritz Rossmann

 In March I participated in a porcelain workshop which was organized by my ceramic supplier Lehmhuus in Basel (Switzerland). Since Lehmhuus offers a wide range of interesting workshops throughout the year, I had a hard time deciding which workshop to attend. As I wrote in an earlier post, I still have some struggles with porcelain (you can read about it here). So it was only reasonable to improve my skills in porcelain. I chose the 3-day-workshop by Fritz Rossmann who is a true expert in anything related to porcelain.

Porcelain by Fritz Rossmann

Fritz Rossmann

During many years of working with clay, I have met many potters. Some of them were very shy when it comes to sharing their knowledge. Maybe they took the rivalry very serious or it was just the envy. In any case, I found it very sad how they hoard their knowledge and experience and are incapable to share. Well, this is a subject for another post.

The workshop by Fritz Rossmann was an example of an artist who is generous in sharing his rich experience. He was able to answer all of our questions and showed us many tricks he uses to make his beautiful ceramics. Also, it was so great to hear some stories about his exhibitions from around the world.

Fritz Rossmann

I learned some tricks on wedging, throwing and trimming the porcelain which were my main reasons for attending the workshop. However, the most illuminating moment at the workshop was the encounter with paper clay. Mr. Rossmann showed us how to make your own paper clay. I cannot understand why I was overlooking this amazing material all these years. This is definitely going to change. I have so many ideas I cannot wait to try them out.

Making paper clay