Thursday 31 October 2013

Grandparents' Love

Here are my son and my father on an airport on the Island Krk in Croatia, waiting for our flight back home to Switzerland. Since my boy is passionate about everything that has an engine and is moving, they spend some time observing the planes taking off and landing. 

In an earlier post I mentioned that I have a very talented father who is building guitars together with my brother. Well, there is another person who benefits from my father’s talent: my son. Here are some of the great wooden toys built by my father for his grandson. 

I am convinced that children should play as much as possible with toys made of natural materials. Toys made of wool and wood are likely to have no hazardous substances that can harm the health of a child. Moreover, this way you can keep the children more connected with the nature. After all, isn’t that what the planet of ours is crying for? 

I am aware that the time we are living in, makes it impossible to raise a kid in a vacuum of perfect environmental conditions and I am trying not to be fanatical about this subject. Well, we also have a bunch of plastic Lego bricks. But I think we should give our children a chance to play with toys made of natural materials, like wood, wool or ….. clay