Wednesday 6 November 2013

Indulge Yourself

Faceted porcelain bowl

I wish every piece of pottery I have made had a story. When I prepared myself a spicy fennel seed chai today, I was reminded of some happy days in my small student apartment in Berne and of my neighbour who became my dearest friend. She used to make the best chai that we would drink in her cosy kitchen while talking, laughing and sometimes crying together. So it was the spicy and warming tea that reminded me of all the stories that we share together. 

Today, I served this spicy tea in my thin faceted porcelain bowl which seems to be just perfect for it. These bowls are one of my latest creations. There is no funny, naughty or scary story behind these bowls. However, today these bowls were filled up not only with tasty chai but also with stories, memories and with a good measure of nostalgia.

I hope you have a nice homemade cup, mug or a bowl to wrap your fingers around and indulge yourself with a hot and comforting drink.