Saturday 27 July 2013


As I write this, I am sitting in my room with the view of the Swiss mountains. Yesterday I came back from my trip to Croatia. I am not sure if I can really call it holidays: a yearly family reunion is fun but not necessarily a perfect choice for a relaxing vacation. However, we had a great time; my parents’ house was crowded, noisy and filled with children’s laughter. The food was great. We picked veggies and salad from my mother’s garden. We ate fish that we fished by ourselves. I even had the chance to spend some hours at the deserted beach, accompanied only by chirping crickets. 

Some people still would call it holidays, I guess. 

Now that I have tanked up enough sun and filled my lungs with sea air, I am more than ready to do what I love the most: ceramics. 

Peka - a traditional Croatian way to grill

Just in case you thought I had some lazy holidays, you can see that both, my ceramics and I, worked very hard. Here you have some real Croatian Blues!