Sunday 4 August 2013

Girl’s Best Friend

When I was a little girl I was crazy about the whole girlish things like wearing fancy dresses, jewellery, having my hair done and even wearing make-up when my special aunt came for the visit. A lot changed since then. As a grown-up, I do not put make-up; I have no idea what is a must to wear this summer and I haven’t changed my haircut since high school. One thing hasn’t changed: I still like to create and wear jewellery made out of clay. As a teenager I created necklaces that I sold to the neighbour ladies and my mother’s friends. That’s how I could afford to buy more clay. The jewellery I made was inspired by the Native American and African ethnic ornaments. 

When I started to work with porcelain it was clear that sooner or later I would have to make beads out of it. Here is the result. The thing that I like the most about porcelain is its pureness. This is the reason I haven’t glazed them (except for the few turquoise ones). I just love the play of light on these facetted porcelain beads. Also, it is great to feel its coolness on the skin.

I am still looking for the best way to thread them. First I tried the turquoise leather cord but I noticed very soon that the cord leaves stains when it gets wet. This is a pity, because the combination of the turquoise leather and the white porcelain is impressive. At the moment I am testing some good quality cotton thread. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the best clasping system. There is lot of work to do.