Wednesday 13 February 2013

About the Blue

Wheel-thrown bowl, 8 cm in height, 19 cm in diameter.

No, this post is not about feeling sad or blue: It is about my fascination and obsession with a particular glaze. Well, I do not have one favourite colour. Actually, I love all colours. But there were times when I was glazing all my pots with just one glaze – turquoise one. I never know how those glazed pieces of pottery would turn out. The colour-spectrum of that glaze ranges from the light baby-blue, turquoise, cobalt-blue, deep-green to the pitch-black. Opening of the kiln is generally a pure excitement. With that particular glaze it is the thrill of ecstasy!

The main reason why I love this glaze so much is that it reminds me of my homeland Croatia. Since I had grown up at the seaside, I was able to experience the see in all of its moods and colours. Well, it was only after I left Croatia that I actually became aware of its beauty. Yes, I do miss my homeland. I miss my parents, the wind, the fig tree in our garden, the stones and rocky beaches. I miss the smell of pine trees, rosemary, lavender and wild thyme in the air and the chirping of the crickets... But, it is the sea that I miss the most!

The Island of Losinj, Croatia; Photo by Lea Steinmann

Looking at my blue glazed plates, cups and bowls gives me the sense of home. This means a lot for someone, who has been away from home for so long...

So, you will be seeing a lot of blues here! Count on it!