Wednesday, 13 February 2013

About the Blue

Wheel-thrown bowl, 8 cm in height, 19 cm in diameter.

No, this post is not about feeling sad or blue: It is about my fascination and obsession with a particular glaze. Well, I do not have one favourite colour. Actually, I love all colours. But there were times when I was glazing all my pots with just one glaze – turquoise one. I never know how those glazed pieces of pottery would turn out. The colour-spectrum of that glaze ranges from the light baby-blue, turquoise, cobalt-blue, deep-green to the pitch-black. Opening of the kiln is generally a pure excitement. With that particular glaze it is the thrill of ecstasy!

The main reason why I love this glaze so much is that it reminds me of my homeland Croatia. Since I had grown up at the seaside, I was able to experience the see in all of its moods and colours. Well, it was only after I left Croatia that I actually became aware of its beauty. Yes, I do miss my homeland. I miss my parents, the wind, the fig tree in our garden, the stones and rocky beaches. I miss the smell of pine trees, rosemary, lavender and wild thyme in the air and the chirping of the crickets... But, it is the sea that I miss the most!

The Island of Losinj, Croatia; Photo by Lea Steinmann

Looking at my blue glazed plates, cups and bowls gives me the sense of home. This means a lot for someone, who has been away from home for so long...

So, you will be seeing a lot of blues here! Count on it!


  1. Hallo Danijela, wunderschön sind deine Bilder!
    Ich kann dich gut verstehen,....bin nicht am Meer aufgewachsen,.... aber die Sehnsucht danach ist immer gegenwärtig!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Christine, vielen Dank.
      Gruss aus den Bergen :)