Wednesday 27 February 2013


A dropout, a lone wolf, an outsider, a weirdo, a dissenter, an offbeat, a black sheep… By definition, a misfit is an individual who doesn't fit any conventional norm and is unable to adapt to it. The misfit behaves differently from everyone else in his social environment. I am sure you have met someone in your life who fits the description. Maybe you too are a misfit!

I was always fascinated by those who differ from the rest of the world. They seem to be so much wiser, stronger, more mature and more creative than the average people. Their atypical approach to the world is what makes them so special, as if they observe things from a different point of view. Sometimes, misfits are just ahead of their time and it may take years, decades or centuries for the world to recognise their genius.

Misfits plates, slab built stoneware, 22 cm in length.

Sometimes I create ceramics that are the wrong size or shape for their actual purpose. Still, I use them on a regular basis. Look at those rectangle and uneven plates. I like to think of them as ceramic misfits. They are not really handy to use because of their irregular surface. You can definitely not serve a salad or a slice of pizza on them. But they are just fine if you use them to serve a snack. And I find them beautiful.

 There is one more person who treasures all those small treats served on my misfits.