Wednesday 17 July 2013

Gnome’s Egg

Today’s post is not about some religious holiday that includes coloured eggs and fluffy bunnies. It is about how my son has motivated me to work more monumental. I have mentioned already that we are spending a lot of time outside; either working in the garden or having some long, long walks through our village and nearby woods. On this sluggish walks we would stop to admire flowers, animals and all kind of machines. He also likes to look at the garden sculptures like huge snails or garden gnomes. These gardens and front yards are mostly very neat and well cared for – which gives you the feeling that they all look the same. Also, there is something like the garden trend when it comes to the outdoor decoration.  

So, as soon as my boy showed some interest in those charming garden gnomes I started to think about decorating my own garden. It had to be something new and something my son and other kids would have fun with. The result is this huge egg. 

It may seem as a no big deal but this egg is my first sculptural works since my school days. I built it with the clay leftovers that I had recycled just few weeks ago. It was a great feeling to form something that wasn’t going to become a cup, a bowl or any other functional piece of pottery. It’s only purpose is to be an egg. Few kids asked me already where it came from so I let them guess. Mostly they tipped on the dinosaur egg.  

And, I almost forgot: