Sunday 31 March 2013

How Do You Tea?

Last twenty years I have moved a lot. I have changed many, many apartments, several cities and a few countries. One thing has never changed though: enjoying a hot cup of tea. 

Those six cups are the most frequently used cups in our family. We like to drink black tea, green tea and rooibos tea. Also, I have lots of different sorts of highly aromatic herbal teas which I have either picked from my garden or from the nearest alpine grassland. I like to mix them according to my mood or when I am in need of some health benefit: mostly I don’t think much when I open the different tea canisters to pick those loose dried leaves or flowers. The funny thing is that almost every time it is exactly the herbal combination that I need. I remember that once, when I was having some quite troubled times and needed to make a very important decision, I have made myself a mixture of sage and lime blossom tea – which I couldn’t drink afterwards. Later, it came to my mind that those two plants have contrary effects to our body. So, this mixture represented exactly the state of mind I was in.

This delicate porcelain tea cup from Bavaria is one of my all time favourite and is only used on very, very special occasions.