Saturday 23 March 2013


Last week I went to Vienna to celebrate my brothers birthday. As a former resident of Vienna I looked forward coming to my old home town again. But when I stepped out of the train I found myself in a completely unknown place. During the last few years Viennese “Westbahnhof” was renovated, so I needed a few minutes to make myself familiar with the new surroundings. But one thing remained the same: It is the typical Viennese scent. 

Viennese Naschmarkt
During my stay I went to the Naschmarkt (market place) nearly every day. The Naschmarkt is probably the most vibrant and colourful place in Vienna - even in the coldest days, like those that I have chosen for my trip. 

Viennese Naschmarkt

Besides this culinary culture-part of my vacation in Vienna I visited a very interesting exhibition. It was the Max Ernst Retrospective in Albertina. So here is the painting that I could not take my eyes of: Vox Angelica

Max Ernst, Vox Angelica, 1943.
The story behind it is quite remarkable. After Max Ernst was arrested from the Nazis several times, he fled to the States with the help of Peggy Guggenheim who later became his wife and his patron of the arts. Just a few years later he fell in love with Dorothea Tanning. Because of this affaire he had lost his income and his studio which both came from his wife Peggy. Max had to start again from the scratch. Vox Angelica represents his life till 1943. It is shown in public very, very rarely, and its owner is not known to the public.