Sunday 7 April 2013

Naughty Ceramics

Many people have a romantic vision of being a potter - at least since the legendary “Demi Moore - Patrick Swayze encounter” from the Ghost. Can you blame them?

To me, the profession of a potter is a very down-to-earth one. The potter is not only a craftsman but an artist as well. Also, doing the pottery has a very comforting, satisfying, meditating and healing influence on one’s soul. Only by using your hands can you release immense amounts of positive and creative energy. 

To my surprise, I found out that pottery can be naughty as well. A few years ago, I was showing my work to one of my regular customers who wanted to buy something for a mutual friend. As soon as he spotted these plates, he wanted to know how I have achieved that pattern. 

Naughty plate, slab built stoneware, 32 cm in length.

I guess he had realised it before I could respond.
He said: “No! You have actually used the fishnet stockings?”
“Yes I did.” I replied shortly.
He blushed as he was trying to comprehend. He continued: “So you took a piece of clay and then you pressed it on your thighs while wearing those stockings. Is this how you got the pattern?”
I was so amused and surprised that I just stared at him silently. He took this as a sign that he was right and he blushed again. 

Of course I never pressed the clay on my thighs. In fact, it was my wooden mould that proudly wore those stockings. We had a big laugh afterwards and he bought some pots. But not my naughty ceramics.

Wooden mould, dressed and undressed.