Monday 15 April 2013

This Ain’t No Ordinary Cake Stand

Cake stand, wheel-thrown stoneware, 10 cm in height, 23 cm in diameter.

This is my very first cake stand. Even though I am not baking giant cakes every week, this is the piece of pottery that I am using on a daily basis. Sometimes I use this cake stand as a fruit plate. Other times I serve all kind of healthy and tasty muffins on it. 

But most of the time my son uses it as a plate or a tiny table for his afternoon-snacks. In this way he not only eats fruits and muffins but also cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, carrot sticks... And when he has finished his meal, he turns the cake stand upside down and looks for his mum’s stamp. I truly believe, that healthy meals that are nicely served on some special ceramics are one of the main reasons he didn’t become a picky eater.

Most of the cake stands I have seen were either white or tender pastel pink or blue. I had my doubts if this cake stand, with its olive green glaze, would be the best choice to serve a chocolate cake or fluffy coconut cake. It turned out that whatever I had put on, it looked just gorgeous. Either that, or I am just crazy in love with the combination of the green glazed top and dark terra cotta red bottom.