Saturday 12 September 2015

How I Spent My Holidays

My father has a small wood atelier where he makes guitars, and wooden toys for his grandchildren, with my brother. I like this small creative space. Actually, this is where I have spent my two week vacation this summer. Last year I showed you my modest start as a wood carver. This year I just couldn’t get away from carving. At first, I just wanted to make two baby spoons for my twin nieces who just started to eat solid food. I thought I would need at least two weeks for this project. Well, I did them in one night. Then I decided to do another spoon for my son, then a butter knife and a spoon for my niece, some scoops for me, a few more spoons… In the end, I had to use all the wood leftovers for some tiny salt spoons.

I think this is a beginning of a new addiction. Luckily I don’t have any carving tools at home - otherwise I would have to close my ceramic studio.