Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wood Work

This is a story about a fig tree. Many moons ago, there was a young fig tree growing between huge stones at a crossing of four properties. This fig tree grew in my parent’s garden in Croatia. Every year in August, we would enjoy its ripe and juicy blue fruits. We would make fig marmalade and dry the fruits for the winter. For the last twenty years of my living abroad, I would mostly plan my summer holidays according to the ripeness of these figs. 

Unfortunately, this tree became a problem for my parents’ neighbours. I don’t know the real reason, but one day my parents carefully informed me that the tree is gone. Since it grew at the border point of four properties, it belonged to everybody and nobody. 

I just came back from a visit to Croatia (I will share some impressions in my next post). During our two weeks there, when we were not hiking through the national parks and bathing in the see, I would sneak in my father’s wood atelier

I wanted to make a butter knife and a cheese board for my boy. When my father showed me the wood from my beloved fig tree, I was both enthusiastic and sad. It was clear for me that creating something from its wood was the best way to honour my fig tree. 

So here is my humble attempt as a wood carver. The small board looks a bit like a car, which was not my original intention. I was just trying to chip off as little wood as possible.


  1. You make beautiful things Danijela! <3

  2. I agree, these really are so beautiful! I'm not so sure a wooden knife would be all that useful, but it is nice to look at ;)

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