Monday 9 September 2013

Cutting Edges

I have noticed that I had presented only few of my latest work. One of the reasons is that I am experimenting a lot and some of my latest creations need to be improved first. During my old Vienna days an experienced potter told me that when she is developing a new form she is usually counting with six months to achieve the result she was aiming for. First, I thought it is quite a long time. Now I know better: Not only the creation process is time consuming, but also the evaluation of the finished product. 

When I have a new finished product in my hands and even if it looks exactly as I wanted it to be, I still need some days, weeks or months until I get familiar with it. At this stage, this newly created piece of pottery is very vulnerable and shy – or I am treating it this way. In some quiet moments I may just look at it, take it in my hands and feel its weight and texture. Suddenly, I am using it as a teacup or a soup bowl to check its functionality. All this time, I am keeping it for myself and I am not feeling comfortable showing it to anyone. 

I really like faceted and geodesic forms so I was playing with it a lot lately. I like how faceted surfaces scatter the light. They look organic, geometrical, futuristic and mystical at the same time - depending on light and the point of view. In the meantime, I have noticed that the web is rather full of faceted objects in architecture, fashion, jewellery, ceramics, and furniture. So here are some pictures of my latest experiments and my contribution to this trend. 

First I made these small espresso cups which I threw on the wheel and then carved the facets. They are small but still monumental since they are quite thick. Even though I prefer to work thin with porcelain, I like its thickness here: This way the thick porcelain keeps the espresso warm.

For the bigger faceted bowls I decided to build a plaster mould so that the pieces can be thinner and lighter. The clear glaze makes the edges a bit softer and they look less geometrically.

Moreover, the faceted porcelain beads are something I enjoyed working with lately. I think I will not get tired of cutting edges so soon.