Sunday 29 September 2013

A Compulsive Behaviour

If you are flea market visitor, you may have noticed that there two kinds of people rummaging through the stands with ceramics. Some visitors take the delicate ceramics in their hands and immediately turn them around to check the potter’s stamp or signature, while others don't.

The people who do this are either potters themselves or some really big experts or art collectors on their flea market treasury hunt. I see the same pattern with visitors in my studio.

I am not talking about having the pot in your hands for five minutes and then checking out the stamp. What I am talking about is some kind of tick or compulsive behaviour that just forces one to immediately turn that piece of ceramics and look at its bottom.

I definitely belong to the first category. It doesn’t mean that I am judging the pot on the basis of the stamp. If I don’t like the piece I am probably not going to take it in my hands in the first place. In my case it is the curiosity and interest in what other things the stamp will tell me about that piece.

Even my two and a half year old son turns every cup upside down to look for his Mama’s stamp. Well, I just realized that there is a third group of people that are doing it: potter’s kids.

The problematic part starts when this happens outside of the flea market or some artist’s studio. Imagine it taking place in a fancy restaurant with your partner on the opposite side of the table. The candle flickering, the elegant wine glasses glittering, the gentle sound of piano caressing your ears. He holds your hands, looks deep into your eyes and the discreet waiter serves a tasty meal.

What do you do first? You let your hands loose to lift your plate high to check the stamp underneath. Have you ever done this? You can certainly confuse a bunch of people this way.

This is the stamp I have been using to mark my pottery for many years. What does the danci mean? Well, this is a subject for another post.