Monday 5 January 2015

My New Working Table

My studio is not a big, perfect space from my dreams, but I have all that's needed to make ceramics. I have a kiln, a potter’s wheel, some shelves, running water and daylight... And a few weeks ago I also got the most beautiful working desk. 

Before I found my perfect working table, I used to work on my rickety study desk which was far from the best solution. I had a clear vision what my desk should look like: a solid wooden desk that can handle some rough treatment like clay throwing and wedging. Buying a new one was never an option so I had my ears and eyes wide open. 

And then it happened. A few weeks ago, I had a strong feeling that I should check our local flea market store (Brockenstube), a vintage and second-hand shop. Jackpot! There it was, my perfect working table! It is not a wooden one as I originally wished for, but it is still a table from my dreams. I also love the retro look of its easy to clean yellow surface and green metal legs. It must have been an old school table before.

Well, this girl is over the moon now. 

This is what my son I created on that table the same day we brought it home.