Wednesday 29 October 2014

A Fish A Day Challenge

When I was designing new sushi plates many years ago, I was really obsessed with getting a nice fish scale pattern for my plates. Today I am a much different person: I am obsessed with fish-shaped plates.

For quite some time, I have been looking for the best shape and texture for my new fish plates. To be honest, I never really dedicated a lot of time to this creative fish quest. "Fishing" has always been something I would do while working on other projects.

So, I decided to change this. In order to find the best possible fish, I will make a fish a day for the whole month of November. To make it more interesting, I will post the fish of the day on my blog, as I make it. I would like to explore both shapes and textures for my new fish-plate line. The primary goal is to make fish in all conceivable shapes and sizes, using many different techniques and clay bodies.

However, I will not make only plates during this marathon. I hope there will also be fish-pendants, fish-bowls, fish-tiles and whatever fishy comes to my mind.

When I wrote to my friend in clay Melker Hansson about the project, he sensed there was something fishy about it and immediately joined the challenge. So it seems there will not be one, but two Fish A Day Challenges running for the whole November.

To quote Melker, May The Clay Be With Us on this fishy challenge.