Sunday 27 July 2014

The Forest Thought Me

We have a rainy and cold summer here, and honestly I don’t mind. It seems that the era when I would run around half naked from June till September is behind me. Nowadays I mostly wear oversized hats and light and long-sleeve shirts to protect me from the strong summer sun. So if you ask me, I am ready for the autumn.

A few days ago I had some precious time alone so I went on a hike in the mountains, even though the weather forecast was not that optimistic.

I ended up alone in a pine forest surrounded by the fog and silence. The fog cut me away from reality, both visually and acoustically, so I felt as if I were on some other planet. Yet, I was not feeling lost or dreamy. On the contrary, I was very aware of the moment.

My skin absorbed the moist air gratefully. My ears were thankful for the peace. My eyes were fascinated by the magical scenery that changed every second as fog floated between the pine trees and blueberry bushes. And my nose was overwhelmed with the scent of wet soil.

Maybe I should say that I felt very much alive.

That magical moment in the forest made me realize that I was missing a feeling of being awake and grounded. Not being able to do ceramics for the last few months is probably the main reason for my current state.

There is nothing earthier than working with clay and that is what I missed the most. Yes, I was able to work in my garden and yes, my hands got dirty occasionally. However, only the creative and productive process of pottery making can connect me with myself.

That is what the misty forest whispered to me that day.