Sunday 27 April 2014

Baking Dish, Cake Stand Or ...?

As I have mentioned several times before, we live in a very old stone house. The walls of our home are very thick and the room arrangement is not ideal. The staircase is relatively spacy and the bedrooms are too small.

My kitchen is also tiny. The lack of space in the kitchen forced me to be more efficient when choosing appliances. And since I really like to cook and experiment in the kitchen, I was not so enthusiastic about having to compromise a lot. I need my old grain mill; I need all of my jars with spices and dried herbs; I really need all those pots, pans, baking dishes, bowls… 

So I came to a very smart idea to make a few multipurpose pots: a bowl that can be used as a baking dish, a fruit bowl, a salad bowl or - if turned upside down - as a simple cake stand.
Stoneware, wheel-thrown, 4 cm in height, 22 cm in diameter.

In some extreme cases it can be successfully used to grow cress on the window bench. Here is the result.

In order to be able to use this vessel as a cake stand, I had to glaze the bottom as well. For this reason, I had to leave the rim of the vessel unglazed. The vessel was then fired upside down.

There are no more excuses not to bake a moist chocolate cake now. Or at least as soon I get those greens out of it…